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Is your manufacturing facility running efficiently
and delivering its full potential?


Is there ever enough time to sit down and fully analyse
your business and how it is performing?


Are you simply too busy
dealing with the demands of day to day operations?

Protolan offer a Fresh Eyes Evaluation designed to support food and drink manufacturers to stay ahead by assessing and improving their operational performance and production efficiencies.

The key benefit we provide is our expertise, knowledge, and experience. Our highly talented team comprise innovative project managers and project engineers who have an extensive understanding of all types of food manufacturing challenges, covering all sectors of the industry.

From long-term objectives to short-term needs, we will provide the support you need to help make your factory run more efficiently. Our evaluation allows us to look at your facility from an independent perspective, assessing current performance, identifying opportunities for improvement and review against best practice.

We know that every business is unique with their own challenges and requirements.  Our Fresh Eyes Evaluation is designed to be flexible so we can discuss and understand your requirements to focus on exactly what you need.

We will work in partnership with you, considering all aspects of your business with a fresh eyes approach.

Our evaluation is totally flexible and can range from a One Day Review through to a Customised In-depth Review

We are not here to tell you things you already know.

Our experienced food manufacturing experts will deliver a fully comprehensive review which demonstrates opportunities for improvement with a bespoke action plan identifying achievable solutions.

The results will give you a tool kit designed to move your manufacturing to optimum efficiency.

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Sometimes a
fresh set of eyes

is just what you need...

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Get in touch to discuss how we can help you achieve manufacturing excellence.