Inspiring Women in STEM

By Protolan
Congratulations to Jess Donk for taking part in “Inspiring Women in STEM” virtual talk for students at the University of Nottingham.


Inspiring Women In STEM is a mentor scheme and an opportunity to offer guidance and career advice to Science and Engineering students at Nottingham University, who in turn are mentoring a school student.

The virtual talk covered the importance of diversity, empowerment, and inclusivity in the workplace; how to manage society’s expectations of stereotypical gender roles and how to balance both career and personal life.  Approximately 60 students had the opportunity to be part of the discussion which proved to be a success.

Jess is a Project Engineer within Protolan and well placed to answer questions about being a woman with a career in STEM.

Jess commented, It was a really good experience to discuss the opportunities in STEM and learn from the other alumni who took part, all of whom had extraordinary careers and were very interesting to listen to. I think it is still important to encourage women into STEM careers as although the numbers are increasing, we are still massively outnumbered. Protolan are fab in that respect and have a great gender balance. Events like these create opportunities to have the conversation around gender stereotypes, alleviate concerns and give people confidence to pursue the careers they want to. “

As a company, Protolan supports the importance of diversity, empowerment, and inclusivity.  Our team is a great balance of talented food and drink professionals of both genders – just take a look at our Team

Well done Jess!