Intern Spotlight | Ayman Kausar

By Protolan

At Protolan, we are proud to offer graduates the opportunity of practical, hands-on project management experience within the food manufacturing industry, such as Ayman who is currently on his Industrial Year Placement from the University of Nottingham, studying MEng Chemical Engineering. We caught up with him to find out his experiences of a year with the Protolan team. 

I have enjoyed my time at Protolan, everyone is very friendly, and it is like a small family. Everyone is really welcoming and makes you feel part of the team from the first day. Also, the weekly quizzes and virtual group socials are a great way to catch up and bond away from projects.

Ayman Kausar

My first project was with Richard, our director. I was very nervous as he is in such a high position. But he made me feel relaxed and at ease with his friendly and happy nature. This allowed me to work very well on the project that centered around the optimisation of manufacturing processes with the aim to increase automation.

My second project was at a Dairy factory, where I joined during the construction stage from equipment installation through to commissioning. I worked on the programming, communication, and technical side of things and was exposed to the day-to-day challenges of managing a project during a pandemic with lockdowns and shortages of material and staff.

My next project was on a feasibility study for a pet food factory. For this project, we worked on the initial concepts which led to further design, programming, and costings of the site. This project gave me a better understanding of equipment functionality, ensuring what we were procuring from our suppliers fitted the expectations of our client.

I was also involved with the design, construction, and installation of four ready meals factories in the US where I learned not only about how interdisciplinary teams work, but also how international communication occurs. I additionally appreciated and understood the how the regulatory standards differed from in the UK versus the US.

During my time on projects, I took part in training for various things including CDM, HACCAP, BRC with the support of the Protolan team every step of the way. Overall, I have enjoyed my time at Protolan and the close working nature with the various companies, clients, and suppliers. I have learned a lot about the fundamentals of project management and the importance of the food manufacturing sector.

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