Meet Our Team | Lois Fallon

By Protolan

Lois Fallon, Project Manager

As we carry on the pursuit of showcasing our fantastic team, we would like to introduce Lois Fallon. Lois is a Project Manager and has been part of the Protolan team since 2018. Joining full time after completing a 3-month internship as part of her Project Management Masters.

Lois is supporting several projects and has been instrumental in developing our core Protolan Project Management Process (PPMP).

Have a read of Lois’ view on working within the Protolan team.

No two days are the same…

… “Working on various projects gives me the opportunity to be exposed to different areas of the food manufacturing industry. Since joining the Protolan team, I have worked on installations both in the UK and US. Managing new equipment installation and a capacity models. This brings around different challenges and learning opportunities regarding food safety, CDM, planning, and controls of a project”.

Lois Fallon and Alix Patrick-Warren at Process Expo in Chicago


An exciting environment…

… “Having the chance to balance my time between desk work and ‘on the ground’ factory work is one of my favourite things about Protolan! It’s given me the opportunity to integrate myself into diverse teams across various channels of the food industry”.



… “Overseeing a planned project from its implementation stage through to commissioning and handover is always exciting. However, this is also a reminder that the challenging times were worth it! It’s great experience for thinking on your feet to overcome problems and achieve the results the customer and I are looking for.”

Striving for excellence…

… “There is a strong element of constant development within Protolan. This is proven by the support I have to undertake my Management Development Services (MDS)* qualification alongside my full-time role. For example, I came with ‘self-taught’ Excel skills. Protolan facilitated training to allow me to develop this. In-turn, my capacity modelling skills have developed and now I have completed various projects in a capacity modelling role with confidence”.



… “I feel lucky that I get to work with good clients. Integrating on a new project can be difficult, but there is a support system within Protolan if you need it and we take pride on being able to seamlessly work in partnership with our clients. I think it is important we all manage to work within a range of different projects at various sites. This makes it possible to utilise the knowledge of the multidisciplinary team. Also, we have a weekly catch-up and a Quiz of the Week. This is a great time to ask for advice as the team are all together in a friendly, relaxed environment”.



As part of Lois’s 3-month internship with us, she was tasked with looking into standardising the documentation used throughout the business. Thus, PPMP was born; an acronym for Protolan Project Management Process. Lois researched, created, and implemented this across the business which streamlines all projects to the same format. PPMP allows for a faster and more efficient way for a Project Manager or Engineer to find and edit documents whilst making it easier for the team to track.


Lois said,

“Re-joining Protolan as a full-time Project Manager has allowed me to utilise the documentation system I helped put in place. To actually create something that is used within the company makes me feel like what I did was useful and it’s nice to feel like I produced something valuable which, I think is a reflection on Protolan’s open way of working”.


We are passionate about developing new talent and are constantly looking for the next generation of talent to keep Protolan at its best.

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*MDS is a partnership of companies that aims to equip young people with the experience, training, and mindset so that they have the confidence and ability to rapidly become senior business leaders within the food industry.  You can read more about MDS here.

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