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By Protolan

Mitch Clark

Mitch graduated from The University of Nottingham with a degree in Mechanical Engineering (MEng). After a project management internship with us, Mitch was offered a full-time position upon his graduation.  Mitch has now been part of the Protolan team for 6 years now.


Have a read of his view on working within the Protolan team.



So, Mitch why Protolan?

I was delighted to be offered a full-time position when I graduated. Protolan work primarily in the food manufacturing sector and 90% of the work is on-site.  Every project we deliver is tailor-made to suit. This has been an excellent way to learn the fundamentals of project management and how they can be adapted.


And what do you enjoy the most from this role?

It is this variety that makes project work so enjoyable. I have worked with over 13 different clients since joining Protolan in 2016, in the UK, Ireland, USA and Poland. I have also worked with lots of European suppliers from Germany and Switzerland to Italy and the Netherlands which I find interesting.


Tell us about a previous project that stands out to you…

One of my first projects involved working on the design and procurement stages of a new ready-meal factory installation. This was to supply products into a Texan supermarket chain. Much was done remotely but I did work in the USA with the client. I also worked alongside equipment suppliers and architects to coordinate the design, specification and installation plan for the new facility.


What strengths have you built on since joining the team?

My engineering background supports my understanding of equipment-related projects. Also, working alongside other industry professionals has given me a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of disciplines.  I have learned about everything from building construction methods to robotics and the operational demands of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies.


Lastly, what is one piece of advice you would give to someone just entering the industry?

I have found that success as a project professional comes from having an open mind.

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