Super Steph

By Protolan

We are super proud of Steph Brown, one of our super Project Managers, and so it appears, also a super athlete!

Great North SwimRun

Well done Steph

On Saturday 8th June, Steph took part in the John West Great North SwimRun at Brockhole on Windermere.

The Great North SwimRun is an opportunity to ditch the roads and the pool; limber up and embrace an off-road, open-water island-hopping adventure!

Steph took part in the short SwimRun which incorporated a 10.8km run and a 1.9 km swim.  These distances were broken down into stages which saw Steph in and out of the water, completing running, swimming – repeat!

A very exhausted Steph said “…it was a typical rainy day in the Lakes on Saturday, but the rain cleared just as the first run started. The hills were somewhat bigger than expected and the lake was a tropical 14c. It felt very surreal running past all the cafes in my wetsuit and swimming cap! By the final swim the wind had picked up and that last 760m was an absolute killer, felt like I was just going nowhere for a very long time. Lake water is not tasty!”

Bearing in mind that Steph had flown back from managing one of our projects out in Los Angeles the day before she did herself very proud.  She made it over the finish line in just over 2.5hours and has raised just over £1000 for Bristol Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Well done Steph!