Supporting Caitlin’s Dream

By Protolan

We are happy to show our support to Caitlin Hanna, a young secondary school student, looking to raise funds for her school trip to Ghana in July 2020.

Caitlin is a student at Moulton Secondary School, who have taken part in a community project in Ghana to support Eugemot Orphanage.  With the help and dedication of the local community and expedition teams from the UK 3 brand new buildings have been constructed, offering accommodation and education for 56 orphans who call the Orphanage Home.

The project Caitlin is looking to support is to help Eugemot Orphanage build their own bakery.  If they can bake bread then they can sell bread, a very good way of making their own income and building their self-sufficiency.

Our team have been raising money on Caitlin’s behalf with a ‘Bargain Hunt’ day and Dress Down Friday donations.

To date we have donated £175 towards this wonderful cause and wish Caitlin the very best with her future fund raising.

Any question you have about building a bakery Caitlin, just ask!

To read more about Eugemot Foundation click here.

To read more about Caitlin’s fund raising click here.