Meet some of the talented project managers and project engineers who are Protolan.

Our close-knit, multidisciplinary team of innovative and technically aware professionals are known not only for our specialist solutions but also our approach to business and delivering your projects.

We believe in new talent.

We are constantly looking for the next generation of talent to keep Protolan at its best. We want people with fresh ideas, who ultimately want a career in the food and drink industry.

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  • Richard Whittle
    Richard Whittle Director

    Richard is an energetic and dynamic Director of Protolan. With over 16 years experience in the food industry, Richard understands the challenging aspects of delivering effective process management solutions and identifying innovation amongst businesses operating in the food and beverage sector.

  • Emma Brown
    Emma Brown Associate Director

    Emma is a successful customer focused Project Manager whose expertise has been integral in delivering successful capital projects. With 20+ years’ experience, Emma has proven skills in Project, Management, New Product Development and Process Technology having worked for and with some of the UK’s major food manufacturing companies.

  • Ben Edney
    Ben Edney Associate Director

    Ben is a talented and enthusiastic Project Manager and Team Leader with over 18 years’ experience. A proven track record in all aspects of the project lifecycle within highly pressurised industries. Ben is adaptable and flexible team player, possessing a detailed understanding of client requirements, supported by strong communication skills at all levels.

  • Sam Riedy
    Sam Riedy Business Development Manager

    Sam heads up our business development department and has a wealth of experience within the Food and Drink industry. She leads our marketing strategy and client relationship activity and spends much of her time coming up with innovative ways to communicate to our clients the great things Protolan can do for them.

  • Dawn Wright
    Dawn Wright Office Manager

    Dawn keeps us all organised! She is the central point for communication, managing a team who spend most of the time out of the office. Delivering outstanding customer service is an essential part of a day’s work for Dawn. She is responsible for all office procedures, and uses her organisational skills to keep us all under control.

  • James Peden
    James Peden Senior Process Manager

    James is a Chartered Chemical Engineer with over 25+ years experience within the food industry. Having worked for many of the largest global manufacturers he brings a wealth of experience and skills from within the process, product development and implementation areas.

  • Tony Vesty
    Tony Vesty Senior Project Engineer

    Tony is a highly experienced Senior Project Engineer, with over 25 years’ experience in the Food Industry. His food industry expertise has been integral in delivering successful capital projects across many sectors including Petfood and Ready Meal Production.  Tony is highly proficient in continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, and change management.

  • Mitch Clark
    Mitch Clark Project Engineering Manager

    Mitch is a versatile and practical Project Engineering Manager. His passion for engineering, coupled with his ability to work seamlessly with client teams, has proved to be a great asset on several high profile projects.  Mitch is an integral part of our Project Engineering Team, bringing clear thinking and innovation to our projects.

  • Steph MacLauchlan
    Steph MacLauchlan Project Manager

    Steph is a dedicated, self-motivated Project Manager with a passion for the food industry. She is an integral part of our Project Management Team, and has managed multiple cost saving projects, identifying bottle necks in processes, researching alternative solutions and assessing the feasibility of investment for our clients.

  • Jamie Greasley
    Jamie Greasley Project Engineering Manager

    Jamie is a disciplined Project Engineer with over 13+ years’ experience in multiple manufacturing industries. An enthusiastic and highly motivated chap with a wealth of food industry expertise. His key skills include an in-depth understanding of multiple processes, and an ability for cost saving identification.

  • Chris Satchell
    Chris Satchell Senior Project Manager

    Chris supports the Protolan team in a number of projects in a Senior Project Manager role.  He is an excellent project manager with a wide experience working within the food manufacturing sector.  Chris is experienced in managing building and equipment interfacing as well as delivering Capital projects of a range of values.

  • Simon Woodhouse
    Simon Woodhouse Project Engineering Manager

    Simon spent a year placement with Protolan in 2016/2017. After graduating with a First Class Degree in Chemical Engineering, he decided to return to Protolan and is now a full-time Project Engineering Manager. Simon is adaptable and has proven his skills across the spectrum from capacity planning to successful project delivery using his attention to detail combined with effective problem solving skills.

  • Rob Ellis
    Rob Ellis Project Engineering Manager

    Rob originally came to Protolan for his successful year out placement.  He has now re-joined us as a Project Engineering Manager, having completed his master’s degree in chemical engineering at University of Bath.  Rob’s enthusiasm and clear thinking is a great asset to our team. He is currently working on several high-profile projects.

  • Tyler Simmonite
    Tyler Simmonite Project Engineering Manager

    Tyler joins the team following receiving a Masters in Chemical Engineering.  Skilled at providing a wide range of support throughout project lifecycles, Tyler is a strong asset to any project. His strong foundation in Continuous Improvement, paired with passion and enthusiasm, equip him well in bringing the best out of both people and processes.

  • Ed Crowe
    Ed Crowe Control Systems Engineer

    Ed is a professional graduate engineer with over 23 years’ experience of systems implementation, project management and design. Possessing technical ability, commercial awareness and a successful project track record in the healthcare, human food and aviation industries.

  • Louise Blunden
    Louise Blunden Project Engineering Manager

    Louise has over 20 years of process engineering and project management experience gained as a Chemical Engineer within the food and chemical industries. She has worked on many projects across different food sectors to deliver food manufacturing excellence.

  • Shayne Ford
    Shayne Ford Senior Project Manager

    Shayne has over 30 years’ experience in the beverage industry, within both soft drinks and beer sectors. He has specific expertise within engineering project management, operational factory management, and transformational business project delivery, in both the UK and international setting.

  • Hugh Cruickshank
    Hugh Cruickshank Project Manager

    Hugh is a Project Manager who joined Protolan after completing a 6-month placement through MDS.  Having hit the floor running during his placement Hugh is now a key asset on several of our projects. He has completed Product Design Engineering at Strathclyde University and brings with him a wealth of enthusiasm and passion for the food and drink industry.

  • Felix Thomas-Davies
    Felix Thomas-Davies Project Engineering Manager

    Felix joins Protolan after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in General Engineering Specialising in Material. Felix has previously joined us for a summer internship working on several different projects alongside others. He has strong experience working with and developing teams to produce the finest outcomes possible.

  • Joe McLeod
    Joe McLeod Project Engineering Manager

    Joe originally joined Protolan for a year placement in July 2019 as a Project Manager and quickly became an integral part of our team.  Having completed a Masters in Chemical Engineering at the University of Nottingham, Joe is now a Project Engineering Manager with Protolan.  With a passion for the food industry, Joe brings with him core skills to support our clients to ensure successful project delivery.

  • Eleri Murphy
    Eleri Murphy Project Engineering Manager

    Eleri is currently studying Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the University of Nottingham and is undertaking her year out placement. Eleri will be working with us to explore the world of food manufacturing, build her professional skills and understand what it means to be part of a busy team.

  • James Nightingale
    James Nightingale Project Engineering Manager

    James is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nottingham and is with Protolan on a One Year Placement.  He is passionate to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for the Food Industry. James is supporting us on several high-level projects.

  • Steve Creaney
    Steve Creaney Senior Project Manager

    Steve joins Protolan as a Senior Project Manager with over 11+ years’ experience in delivering projects across a range of sectors. Innovative, delivering new ideas and concepts, Steve is driven to motivate individuals and teams to perform at the highest level.

  • Misty
    Misty Head of Cuddles

    Misty is our own personal stress reliever. She may not have the skills to complete a feasibility study, but she is chilled out, affectionate and always knows when we need a cuddle.

  • Ted
    Ted Chief Barker

    Ted is a vital member of our team! He might not have the nose to complete a project or do the dishwasher, but he certainly helps to keep everyone motivated with his winning personality and wonderful good looks.

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