Welcome to the Team | Ayman Kausar

By Protolan

Protolan is delighted to welcome to the team a new member.  Welcome aboard to Ayman Kausar.

Ayman is a third-year Chemical Engineering student at the University of Nottingham. He will be working as a Project Manager at Protolan as part of his sandwich industrial year placement.

Enthusiastic to get started Ayman has said,

“I want to gain an insight into the project engineering and management field while working for Protolan. I want to bring my experience of working part-time as an army reservist. I want to bring the leadership skills, discipline, and teamwork I have gained by working for the reserves for three years. I have also done a summer research project for BP at the University of Nottingham. I developed the ability to do in-depth analysis and have a strong focus on the task at hand. Due to this, I received first prize at the poster presentation ceremony for innovation and a runner up prize for impact. I was able to sell my project to the investors at BP so they paid fully for my research project. I have been buzzing to get started due to COVID-19.”

Ayman will be working on several of our current projects, supporting our team to deliver food manufacturing excellence.

Welcome to the team Ayman!


Protolan supports new talent.

We are constantly looking for the next generation of talent to keep Protolan at its best. We want people with fresh ideas, who ultimately want a career in the food and drink industry.  As part of our drive to recruit we work closely with the University of Nottingham with the Industrial Year Placement and Internship Programmes.

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