By Protolan

Our team had a fantastic day at Newark Antiques Fair on Friday 31st May.

Neesa and Lois spot a priceless antique!

Recreating BBC One’s Bargain Hunt, we split into two teams of amateur antique collectors.  With two hours to go and armed with £150 for each team, we hit the vast 84 acres of 2,400 antique stands.

It was no mean feat to secure the best bargain possible. But we bartered, negotiated, and tried to demonstrate we knew what we were talking about to acquire our hoard of wonderful “antiques”.

We also roped in an antique expert, Ralph, to help us with our bonus buy with our left-over lolly.

Some of the choices included a traditional video camera (still in working order!), vases, an old-fashioned dentistry kit, and an original Coca Cola wooden storage box.

In a few months’ time, the items we have bought will go into a real-life auction to hopefully be sold for a profit.  All profits will be donated to a charity chosen by our team.

As all antique hunters know, the best way to finish off a day of hunting antiques is to find a lovely pub on the River Trent and celebrate our finds.

We had a real blast and can’t wait to find out which team was the Proto-Hunt winners.

Ollie is shocked at the quality of our Proto-Hunt!