Protolan Go Karting…

By Protolan

As our team grows, we continue to build on our ethos of working together, playing together.

Team Building Go Karting

Protolan Go Karting…

Our projects take us all over the UK, Europe, and the USA, meaning we often work remotely from the overall team.  We continue our goal to ensure our employees consistently feel included as a member of the team.

This week we returned to Go Karting at Sutton Circuit.  Once again, the gloves were off to raise the trophy for Protolan’s racing team.  It was a great opportunity to encourage our team to work cooperatively, and bond together over their tragedy or triumph on the racing track.

Despite the inclement weather, we hit the track.  The air was tense, with petrol fumes and competitive spirit.  James Peden and Simon Woodhouse demonstrated their Sterling Moss traits by roaring in at first place.  Giving them a run for their money were Richard Whittle and Jim Bird, who came in a very close second.

It was another fantastic team event.  Proof that if you take the time to play together, you will work better together.

Bring on the next one…